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Use Your VA and Other Educational Benefits at ARES

New law brings changes for Military Members, Veterans, and Spouses

Active duty military members, returning military veterans, and their spouses and/or dependants may now qualify for temporary licensure or expedited application processing under Arkansas law A.C.A. 17-1-106.  Those military members, veterans, and spouses/dependants who hold a valid real estate license in another state and meet the conditions in the law, can receive a temporary real estate license during the application process. Applicants not currently licensed in another jurisdiction may qualify for expedited processing for licensure.  Contact the AREC regarding qualifications for this exciting opportunity!

For more information about educational opportunities through the VA, go to regulation of the US Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Benefits CANNOT be used to pay for courses taken online.

Funding for real estate licensing classes could be available through Arkansas Department of Workforce Services. Check with your local office or find more information at

If you believe you qualify for job training funds through a government or private program, check with your program administrator then give our office a call at 501-223-2737 and we will do everything possible to help you make it happen.  Or, simply complete the contact form below and we will be happy to contact you.

Arkansas Rehab Services

Arkansas Rehabilitation Services’ (ARS) mission is to prepare Arkansans with disabilities to work and lead productive and independent lives.

ARS has 19 field offices across the state serving all 75 counties.

To achieve its mission, Arkansas Rehabilitation Services provides a variety of training and career preparation programs.

Contact ARS at 1-800-330-0632 or 501-296-1600
to find out how they can help you.

ARES Tuition Assistance

ARES does not currently have a tuition assistance program in place.  However, You may register for any upcoming classroom course and make payments on it until the first day of class, to which the full balance will be due in full.

Data and rates may apply.
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