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Arkansas Real Estate School Mission Statement

Arkansas Real Estate School Mission Statement
Arkansas Real Estate School, Inc., a real estate education institution committed to providing affordable high-quality courses, instructional materials, and student services that are easy for students to access and use.  Our goal is to present students with information necessary to pass the state licensure exam and provide ongoing education which not only meets Arkansas Real Estate Commission requirements, but also provides them with practical skills training.  To achieve this goal, ARES ensures all courses provide clear learning outcomes, current information, interactive experiences, and assessment to facilitate student success.

Arkansas Real Estate School, Inc. provides self-paced online distance education.  Students may register and complete these courses on any computer meeting the technical requirements covered in this catalog.  Students may have access to the course at any time and may work at their own pace.  See Online Education Policies Below

Zoom/Classroom Policies

Full attendance for the designated clock hours for each course is required to receive a certificate of completion. Absences may be made up the next time a course is offered, space permitting. Students who miss more than 15 minutes of an hour will be required to make up the entire hour during another course, space permitting. Hours may not be transferred from other schools nor from self-paced learning. Students have one year (12 months) from the date of original class start date to comply with AREC regulations obtaining the sixty (60) clock hours or the student will be dropped and need to complete the course again.
Real Estate Education certificates are awarded only to students that comply with Arkansas Real Estate Commission regulations requiring student attendance and participation.

The Little Rock location of Arkansas Real Estate School offers state-of-the-art facility for real estate education. We are committed to providing you with a clean, comfortable, and convenient learning environment. Free access to the internet via high-speed wireless broadband connection is available. Our office welcomes you to come study in the quiet. Students have access to our tidy coffee bar and restrooms, which are clean, sanitary, and well-stocked. For your health, hand wipes and hand sanitizer are available. Masks must be worn at all times.
For in person learning, we continue the tradition of excellence in our school by securing local venues that meet our high standards for an environment that is both highly conducive to learning and comfortable for our students.

*ARKANSAS REAL ESTATE SCHOOL IS A TOBACCO-FREE FACILITY. Use of tobacco products (including but not limited to smokeless tobacco, snuff, unlit cigars or cigarettes, and e-cigarettes), alcohol, recreational drugs, and other mind-altering substances is prohibited. All tobacco use is restricted to the parking area.

*FIREARMS, KNIVES, TASERS, AND OTHER WEAPONS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON SCHOOL/OFFICE PROPERTY. Certified Law Enforcement Officers may be exempt from this policy when conditions or circumstances merit an exception.


Payments and Refunds
Deposit for Zoom/classroom license courses is non-refundable. Course fees paid in full, less deposit, will be refunded if requested not less than 7 (seven) days before the class begins. Fees, including deposits paid for Zoom/classroom courses which are not completed, may be transferred to another Zoom/classroom course at Arkansas Real Estate School for up to one year without forfeit.
A refund is available for continuing education providing cancellation is made 7 days prior to the scheduled course.  All refunds and transfers should be requested by communicating with the school administrator.

Returned checks
Returned checks will be assessed a $35 fee and must be picked up with cash or a valid card.

Deposits are not refundable and are not transferable between students.  You may, however, transfer your deposit to another Zoom/classroom course without forfeiting.

Moving from a self-paced online class to the Zoom/classroom or from the Zoom/classroom to self-paced online is highly discouraged.  No credit can be given for time spent in the format a student is leaving and the full course must be completed in the new format.

When changing to the Zoom/classroom from self-paced online, student will be required to purchase the Zoom/classroom book for $50 and an administration charge will be added. 

When changing from the Zoom/classroom to online, an administration fee applies, as well as any difference in the cost of the course.

All courses are offered on a Pass/Fail basis. Those that attend all required hours to complete the course are presented with a Certificate of Completion.

Certificates for Pre and Post License classes are provided via email once the course required hours have been completed. Students may also log in to their account at any time to retrieve their transcript.

There are no prerequisites for the 60-Hour Pre-License Real Estate Course, however candidates for a real estate license must be 18 years old to take the Real Estate Exam required to receive a real estate license in Arkansas.
Application for testing may be made only after completing the educational requirements for testing as well as passing a federal and state background check.
A completed application mailed or delivered to the Arkansas Real Estate Commission before the desired exam date. Instructions regarding the testing procedure, as well as applications for the test, is distributed in class.
No credit will be given for previous training, education, or work experience. Unless approved by AREC
Students seeking to take either of the Post-Licensure Courses must first complete the 60-Hour Pre-Licensure Course, as required by Arkansas Real Estate Licensing Law.

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