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Effective January 1, 2020
New Rules Regarding Real Estate License Applicants With Prior Criminal Convictions
Arkansas Real Estate Commission is charged with the duty of protecting the public’s health, safety and welfare. Prior to January 1, 2020, Arkansas law has prohibited AREC from issuing a license to anyone convicted of a felony or other certain crimes considered a danger to the public. A waiver process has been available to those persons believing their past criminal history posed no threat to the public health safety or welfare.
Those laws and rules have been clarified to allow persons with prior criminal records involving certain non-violent offenses to become licensed as a real estate agent in Arkansas with a formal waiver, or in some cases without a formal waiver.
The information below is a summary of the new rules and laws. Any applicant having questions about whether they are eligible for a waiver or exempt from the waiver process, should contact the Arkansas Real Estate Commission for guidance. The contact information is below.
Andrea S. Alford Deputy Executive Director 501-683-8032 Email
Heather Garrett AREC Supervisor 501-683-8017 Email